Etheric massage uses specific movements applied with rhythm,
lightness and warmth to regulate processes that give rise to symptoms,
back into harmony with the rest of the body.

Etheric massage treats the human being as an integrated being of body soul and spirit.

The massage itself works with light rhythmical movements to revitalise metabolic activity, rejuvenate the nervous system and harmonise the circulatory and respiratory functions thereby enhancing the body’s natural healing forces through the use of specific massage forms not found in other styles of massage.

By helping the body to find a new integration of the life giving Etheric forces with the life consuming forces that gift us consciousness and enable us to perceive and act in the world around us, imbalances that give rise to symptoms are able to be overcome and help lead a person become a fuller version of themselves.

Common disorders treated include headache, migraine, eye strain, sinus problems, coughs, colds and other respiratory disorders, the full range of digestive disorders in both children and adults, women’s disorders, musculo-skeletal problems, sleeping disorders amongst other commonly experienced problems. Anxiety, depression and other nervous conditions also respond very well to this form of treatment.


John Holmes

In practice since 1988 and with a background in Chinese Medicine John is able to integrate the use of meridians and points in the context of Etheric (Anthroposophic) Massage to help a wide range of disorders. He is currently also involved in mentoring past students and teaching Etheric Massage in China.

  • Dip.Ap.Sc. (Acupuncture)
  • Adv Cert Acupuncture Guangzhou College TCM
  • Member AACMA, Mercury Healing Group Inc.