Painting drawing and modelling help to create a language of the soul
through the world of colour and form. These processes aim to bring balance
and breathing to our feeling life which can strengthen forces and perception
for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

The inner and outer life can work together to integrate through imagery, rhythm, harmony and carefully chosen exercises to suit the clients needs. This leads to an awakening of healing forces within the body.

The artistic process naturally encourages an experience of the inner life which we can otherwise find difficult to articulate, thereby enabling us to see which forces are at work and are seeking to be understood.

The effectiveness is in the individuals creative activity, in which every stage of the process and the insights gained, are equally important as the artwork or end result. These therapeutic applications can help to:

  • assist developmental challenges in children and adolescents
  • support a wide range of physical and psychological disorders for all ages
  • give strength and understanding to crisis or significant life changes
  • offer clarity for those seeking greater awareness and consciousness on their life path.

Art therapy is suitable for all individuals. It can be undertaken in one to one sessions or groups and a Dr or Therapist could recommend the most appropriate form depending on the needs of the situation. A predisposition or confidence in artistic work is not necessary, as all processes are guided.

All levels of ability are very welcome and there is no artistic prerequisite required.


Julia Byrne

Julia works as an Artistic Therapist at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School and in private practice. Julia works with both children and adults individually and in groups.

She studied at Fox Elms College in England. The training was developed by Dr. Margarethe Hauschka based on the principles of Anthroposophy given by Rudolf Steiner.

Vanessa Snaith

Vanessa has been studying, teaching and practicing Eastern and Western healing approaches to personal transformation for over 25 years, teaching and lecturing within the Anthroposophic movement for 20 years. Holding degrees in Fine Art, Education, Anthroposophic and Transpersonal Art Therapy, she shares her deep enthusiasm for the enrichment, clarity and support that art and meditative practice bring to our task in consciously evolving together.

She trained at Tobias School of Art and Therapy in the UK. Registered with the Cities and Guilds Masters level.