Anthroposophic medicine treats the individual as a human being of body, mind, soul, Spirit and warmth, with natural substances, healing arts and conventional medicine. Anthroposophic Home Carers help to integrate health and illness towards balance. Through therapies, education and counselling, self healing and well being are stimulated.

Anthroposophic Home Care

Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Wegman, in the early 1920s, developed a natural form of medicine for doctors and nurses that considered not only the physical being but also the soul and spirit of each individual human being in their approach to health and wellbeing.This was later introduced to allied health professionals as Anthroposophic Home Care to enable practitioners to extend this care within the scope of their possibilities, abilities and social responsibilities to help their clients integrate health and illness towards balance.

Through therapies, education and counselling, Self healing and well-being are stimulated and the individual is supported towards self knowledge. Practitioners are trained to develop an understanding of a person's individual situation and in using the four elements (earth, fire, water and air) and the three fold picture of the human being an wholistic treatment is created.

Therapies range depending on individual assessment. Natural plant substances are used such as Lavender, Lemon, Mustard, Ginger, Chamomile and Yarrow. Some examples of therapies include: compresses of yarrow to the liver to support liver function, chamomile to the tummy for abdominal concerns such as supporting digestion and settling the nervous system for sleep, footbaths for warmth and calm and supporting transitions, rhythmical einreibung using warmed therapeutic oils for anxiety, stress, fatigue, grief and reconnecting to Self, hydrotherapy such as nutritional baths for replenishing and relaxing, and inhalations of oils or teas such as eucalyptus and chamomile for colds / flus and sinusitis.

The importance of warmth in all treatments is optimum as it's the necessary vessel between the physical and spiritual being. This is an important aspect to self healing. Through the home care impulse, the activation of a person's own natural healing is invited to support restoration of balance to health. The Anthroposophic Home Carer can work alongside Anthroposophic Doctors and other practitioners to address the specific needs of each patient.


Lyn Clifton

Incorporating Anthroposophic Home Care into her Community Health Social Work practice, Lyn Clifton works with integrating home care into daily life to support health, wellbeing and wellness of children, parents and carers, teachers, and communities through experiential groups, workshops, mentoring, consultations, home and class visits.

After completing her Social Work degree at UNSW in the 1984, and working with families and children in community, Lyn has taken up Anthroposophic medicine training through the IMPT, EduCareDo Health and Healing Course, School Therapist Training with Irmhild Kleinhenz and Lisa Romero, and the Wholistic Health Care Course and Rhythmical Einreibung Course for Nurses and Allied professionals with the New Zealand anthroposophic Nurses at Taruna, NZ. as well as the Caring for the Young Child early childhood education course at Parsifal College , Sydney .

Lyn Clifton BSW Community Health Social Worker Certificate of Anthroposophic Wholistic Healthcare and Rhythmic Einreibung NZ Mantles of Care : Home Health Care and Support E:
M: 0419 424 935