Anthroposophic medicine treats the individual as a being of body, mind, soul, spirit and warmth, with natural substances, healing arts and conventional medicine. Anthroposophic Nurses assist their patients to integrate health and illness into balance. Through therapies, education and counselling, self healing and well being are stimulated.

Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic medicine is a wholistic extension of conventional medical science and practice. The anthroposophic doctor works with the Art and Science of Healing to support the individual to find greater wellbeing.

Each child and adult is recognised as a unique individual – physical, emotional, intellectual, soul and spirit. Each disharmony or illness is seen as an opportunity for transformation to finding a new and healthier balance and experience of wellbeing. Anthroposophic medicine and therapies are designed to support the patient’s powers of selfhealing and to work in a preventative, as well as a healing way. This integrated approach creates an environment of human understanding and knowledge, filled with warmth and support for each child and adult, that is conducive to sustained healing and health from every aspect.

In diagnosing and treating, we consider the physical, emotional, mental, learning and personality gifts and challenges as a whole, together with the personal circumstances that influence the wellbeing, learning and developmental capacities of that child or adult.


Dr Narelle Savage

Dr Narelle Savage aims to bring warmth and healing understanding to her consultations, with the understanding of anthroposophic and conventional medicine, diet, counselling, mindfulness and biographical perspectives.

Working within a therapeutic team is her ideal, as the individual child or adult is creatively supported toward positive change through different aspects of the individual self.

Dr Savage has been a general practitioner for fifteen years. Background: psychiatric and geriatric nurse; class and early childhood teacher; Chinese & Japanese medicine.