Providing a warm and safe space for people to find a new path on their journey
of transformation.

Anthroposophic Counselling

Based around an understanding that the human life unfolds in cycles of specific rhythms and developmental stages and by mapping key events, an individual’s life story or biography can be explored together with a therapist or counsellor. This process helps us identify challenges being faced over and over again, and brings awareness of the effect of the past on future events. It may also be helpful when we are facing a transition point and want to explore some of the threads weaving through our life before taking that next step.

By exploring the wisdom inherent in our individual life journey, we become aware of our inner strengths and qualities to help develop our own unique answers to life’s challenges, and we may learn how crises and turning points often provide the key to change and growth that enables us to become who we are more fully.

Anthroposophic Psychology

Anthroposophic Psychology integrates the soulspiritual journey of the human being through the phases of life with modern neurological and psychological knowledge. It is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner which was further developed by Dr. Husemann, Dr. Treichler, and Dr. Priever among others.

The ability of the individuality to take hold of the body and soul as instruments to play the unique melody of life that belongs to their destiny is a central focus. Children are developing these instruments and can be guided in a child-centred way to overcome blocks and unfold capacities that will bear fruit through their whole lifetime.


Lisa Devine

Lisa Devine trained as a youth worker in the early 1980s and worked in a range of youth at risk programs. She has a Masters in Psychology and has counselled young people and their families over many years. Lisa’s connection to the work of Rudolf Steiner began in the 1990s when she completed her Eurythmy training. In 2013 she completed the training in Curative Eurythmy. She has worked as a Chaplain and counsellor in Steiner schools throughout Australia. Lisa teaches Introduction to Anthroposophy, Cosmology and Human Communcation courses in the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Teacher training program.